Periodically, depending on the female's heat season, we have a litter of puppies available for purchase. Once whelped, we begin the process of grading the litter. The litter is graded into two categories: pet grade or breeding grade. Grading based on marking placement and personality takes place over several weeks. As the puppy grows and develops, we can better assess the grade.
        Beginning at four weeks of age the puppy is dewormed and then again at two-week intervals. Prior to weaning, the puppy is introduced to small kibble dry puppy food and water. After weaning, at approximately six to seven weeks of age, the litter is examined by our local veterinarian. The physical exam includes evaluating the bite and the heart. Results of the examination may factor into the determination of the grade of the puppy.

        The veterinarian also administers their first immunization shot. The exam is noted on the puppy's health record, which is transferred to the new owner. Proper socialization of the puppy with littermates and family members takes place throughout. The puppy is also identified with a Home Again microchip and receives its second immunization shot prior to placement in its new home at nine weeks of age.         
        If you are interested in the purchase of a puppy you can make a reservation via email, phone or fax. The reservation requires:
  • Grade preference, pet or breeding
  • Gender preference, male or female
  • A brief description of the activity level desired in your new companion.
        The latter requirement is designed to help us make the proper placement of the puppy. Puppies have different activity levels and, as breeders, we make a serious attempt to match your lifestyle with that of the puppy. Also, there should be no doubt in your mind, or ours, that you are able to properly care for your new companion.
        In addition, to prioritize the puppies' best interest, we prefer to place our puppies within a climate where he/she would have the opportunity to experience a seasonal cold, snowy winter environment. The Bernese Mountain Dog breed is heat sensitive and this factor is especially true of our puppies here at Nineveh because they are only one generation removed from Switzerland.
        Upon receipt of the reservation, we establish a chronological list of inquirers. When a litter becomes available, at around the fifth week of the litter's age, we begin to make contacts with inquirers regarding their continued interest.
       When the reservation requirements match that of an available puppy, the process begins for the acquisition of the puppy. At this time you may make an appointment to visit the litter and the sire and dam. If a puppy is selected, a deposit will be required. Payment in full is required prior to the transfer of ownership and the AKC owner registration papers.
       Airline shipping may be available depending on the season of the year and acceptable temperature ranges approved for flight. Shipping costs include, but may not be limited to, a direct, non-stop flight airline ticket, an aviation approved shipping crate, a veterinarian prepared health certificate and the breeder's time and/or mileage involved in travel arrangements. Shipping costs incurred are above and beyond the puppy's value and are the responsibility of the new owner.
        Because Switzerland has strict breeding standards and health clearances, we are confident in the genetic health of the puppies we place. None the less, we guarantee that your puppy will not have severe hip dysplasia as a result of genetic defect by the age of 24 months.

Bianca with her pups, just 1 day old.

         On April 9, 2010 a litter was whelped by Bianca of Ninevehbmd.com, as sired by Sergei of Ninevehbmd.com.

Consisting of six males and four females, please inquire about the availability of gender and pet/breeding quality puppies. The puppies will be ready for placement the 2nd weekend in June.

Bianca (OFA hips Good/Elbows Normal) is the offspring of Dieka of Ninevehbmd.com (OFA hips Good/Elbows Normal) and Domino of Deer Creek Farms (OFA hips Good/Elbows Normal). Dieka is the offspring of Fina and Barkley, both listed on our website. Sergei (OFA preliminary Hips Good/Elbows Normal) is the offspring of Caroline and Mike, both listed on our website.

Bianca with her pups, just 1 day old.

         Bianca's puppies, now 6 weeks old, at the entrance to their "Swiss Chalet" nursery in our backyard. Only 8 of the 10 are visible...it's impossible to capture all of them in one sitting.

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