Barkley's Image Gallery
Barkley sitting in the snow
Barkley standing in the snow
Close up of Barkley
Barkley in the snowy woods

About Barkley
Barkley was whelped on November 15, 2001 here at Nineveh. He is the son of Bux vom Luag is Land and Welina v. Kopfrein. He has grown into a large Bernese, weighing approximately 112 pounds. Evaluated at the age of 14 months, Barkley's PennHIP evaluation report concluded that his passive hip laxity profile ranking was greater than 90%. This result means that Barkley's hips are tighter than at least 90% of the dogs in the Bernese Mountain Dog breed database at PennHIP. His OFA hip joint conformation was evaluated as Excellent and his OFA elbow evaluation was normal at the age of 26 months. He is very curious and is the family clown; he has been known to eat crayons if he finds them!

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