Why Nineveh?
        Once upon a time, there was a wonderful Golden Retriever puppy that arrived at our home as a blessing in the form of a birthday present. We named him Jonah and he was as handsome as he was smart. As he grew, so did our hearts, as he gave us much joy, love, and affection. When he matured, he was quite the salesman; greeting customers with a "pawshake" when they would arrive to purchase his offspring.
        Then one winter day, we had great concern when he didn't answer to his name. After much searching, approximately one week later, he was discovered by our neighbors where he had crawled beneath their home after being struck by a vehicle. We found him only hours after his death.
        Our hearts were broken and it was hard to understand why he would leave our lives at such a young age. Then God revealed to us "Go to the great city of Nineveh and proclaim to it the message I give you" Jonah 3:2. We find comfort in knowing that God called him to go to Nineveh. And so Nineveh, our kennel's name, is a tribute to Jonah, who without him, we would not be who we are.         
Jonah the Whale
Jonah the Whale
June 5, 1997 - February 8, 2000
Who We Are
        Just as Jonah was called to fulfill his mission, we felt led to have the mission of a hobby-breeder. We want to fulfill others' lives with the joy and wonder that an owner can experience through the companionship of a dog. However, without Jonah, our mission could not be achieved. Although we truly love the characteristics of the Golden Retriever breed, it was just too hard to fill the void left in our hearts. So we focused our attention toward a breed with similar traits, the Bernese Mountain Dog.
        Based on nearly 19 years of dog breeding experience, we knew the importance of choosing quality stock to develop a breeding program. Thus, our search began in Switzerland where the breed originated. In the Spring of 2000, we were fortunate to afford the opportunity to travel to Switzerland. We visited various kennels and selected, as puppies, a male and two females. Ironically, our male Bux, was born just a few days before Jonah's death. When God closes a door, he opens a window!
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